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Music and Worship

People are created with a need to worship. Worship is our response to God’s revelation in our lives. God reveals His attributes, ways, and purposes to individuals. God initiates the worship experience and we choose to respond by worshiping Him. Worship is not a once or twice a week activity. Worship is a pattern of living, a lifestyle. We worship God throughout the week as individuals and as one body when we meet together.

The word most freely associate with worship is “music”, yet there are many ways to worship. We worship through the reading of God’s Holy Word, prayer, obedience, giving, service, and yes, weworship through music. We worship using the human voice and with all sorts of wonderful instruments. Worshipers are not only in the choir loft and
stage playing instruments, but also in the pews singing from hearts of

Musical Opportunities

Adult Choir

The adult choir meets on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. We prepare music for Sunday congregational use, including hymns, spiritual songs, and choral anthems. Once or twice per year the choir also prepares music for a special cantata or dramatic musical. Come join us. 
There is not an audition requirement.


At First Baptist Church, there is a place for instrumentalist to offer their gifts in the worship ministry. God continues to increase the number in our ensemble as several new instrumentalists have been utilized for His glory.


The worship and music ministry is currently preparing a dramatic Easter musical calledBOW THE KNEE. If you can sing, act, sew, cook, build, design, or do anything else of use for the musical, please contact the church. We have a place for YOU!

Senior Adult Ministry

God is doing incredible things through our senior adults. There are many activities to join. If you want to know more, just ask one of them. One major area of ministry is theGolden Harvest choir. This choir sings the old hymns of the faith in nursing homes nearly every week. The choir meets at 10:00 am in the choir room on 1st, 2nd, and 4thMondays and at 9:30 on 3rd Mondays for a quick warm up. Then we
travel to an area nursing home on our rotation schedule. 

3rdMondays are extra special as we attendGolden Harvest Club. GH Club meets in the fellowship hall at 11:30 AM for food, fellowship, prayer, singing, and a program especially geared to senior adults. Bring a dish and smile!

Media Ministry

The media team is the behind the scenes group that makes our
Sunday worship services click! Call the church if you would like to work in sound, television/radio broadcast, or with computers. We have openings!